To be a man of less anxiety, you need to be a man of more words. Globally, every minute, a man dies by suicide. In the United Kingdom, 75% of all suicides are male.

This year, The Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust has now launched its own Movember Campaign!

What does Movember support:








What is Movember:

Movember is a way of physically showing you have a listening and understanding ear regarding mental health and or understand what other men go through.

Most men say they would be there for a friend that needs them, but most men also say that they would feel uncomfortable asking a friend for help.



If you want to TALK to your mate about your mental health you can find information how to along with services available on our TALK tab.

If you want to ASK you can find information on how to support your mate with their mental health, you can find information how to available on our ASK tab.

The Results:

We had 7 wonderful men take part in our Movember fundraiser and they managed to raise a WHOPPING £1648 for the trust. We cannot thank you enough!!

One of the men (Duane) went above and beyond and completed a physically demanding challenge of 5k a day in November.  His total  in November came to 103.3 miles all in honour of men’s mental health, along with growing his moustache!

As you are all probably aware 100% of all monies raised are put directly back into the community in the form of support.