Zachary Geddis Memorial Class

On Sunday 22nd October 2017, members of the Zanshin Shotokan Karate Club gathered together in the Jim Watt Centre in Garvagh to participate in a training session dedicated to Zachary Geddis’ legacy, not only as a respected karateka but also as a friend and family member to many students.

Before the session, the club was informed that a special hidden donation box was being placed outside the training hall for students to make an anonymous donation to the Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust as the training session was free to all those who wished to train.

The hall was decorated in candles and had a special place that students could pay their respect to Zachary. His mum, Louise was present with Trustees from the ZGBTST – Tom Arnold, Cara Hunter and David Black. They helped in the decoration and presentation of the hall and provided support for Yasmin and Terry Geddis who were hosting the event.

A minute silence was held before the class started with a candle being lit and Zachary’s photograph at the top of the hall for the duration of the session. It was evident through the atmosphere that the members held Zachary in their thoughts as they trained intensely for two hours.

At the end of the session, many students and parents were speaking highly of Zachary and their memories of him. We are blessed as a club to have such great support from the wider community.

A grand total of £650 was rasied by over 45 attendees which we are very grateful for, they have remained trusting in the ZGBTST and the difference it can make to the Mental Health treatment and services within Northern Ireland with many of the students opening up about their own struggles throughout their lives.

Another anonymous donation was made that brought the total lodged in the ZGBTST account to just over £1200!

The Geddis Family would like to thank each and every person who joined us on Sunday 22nd October to remember our Son and Brother in such an honorable way.

Yasmin x

Terry and Yasmin Geddis
Terry and Yasmin Geddis

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