Ground Portrush DeZZert’s Night

On Friday the 27th of October former employee’s of ‘Ground Coffe Portrush’ and previous friends of Zachary, Hannah Graham and Rachel Denise Elliot banded together to create a superstar-inspired charity evening. After walking up the red carpet covered in confetti, friends and strangers were welcomed to a café of countless cakes, traybakes and treats. All money made went directly to the ‘Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust’. Hannah and Rachel felt inspired to host the event after the sudden death of Zachary shook them to their core. “There were a lot of customers who were really really sad when they heard the news about Zachary” said Hannah Graham. People came up and told their stories about Zachary, including farmers William and Lilian Campbell who spoke of Zachary’s warmth. “He had such a striking…presence.” “I know it might not mean much, we’re just simple country folk… but Zachary brightened up our day. None of his chat was meaningless, it was always so deep and interesting. We miss him.” said William Campbell.

Loved by all and missed by so many, Zachary’s passing inspired Hannah to write a poem called ‘Zachary, Zachary’ which discusses how simple things in the aftermath of a death can hurt most, such as items he left behind in her car. “I often write Zachary letters and in one of them I said I would try my best and help Zachary’s friends and family in any ways I could.” Hannah said. Hannah and Rachel both fulfilled this duty by raising hundreds of pounds in the memory of their friend. Miss Graham said she and Rachel wanted to do a fundraiser that was fun and energetic, just like the personality of their passed loved one, Zachary… who wasn’t fond of crisps. Therefore, no crisps were present at the party. But instead – lots of gold, glitter, and of course red carpet. Both Rachel and Hannah have now left Ground Portrush. But both girls said, “Hosting the event in a special place that the three of us loved and so memories was important to us. But we didn’t just have our friendship inside in the work place, we had nights out, we went to church, went for coffee/breakfast/lunch. It was dancing in the kitchen I loved that, or Zachary pronouncing the words funny, car journeys were always really eventful.”

It was a night filled with tears, laughter and song which raised over £700 for the ZGBTST which will go towards community outreach programs, funding stickers and the promotion mental wellbeing amongst all people. Hannah finished by saying, “I think we still expect Zachary to come in to Ground late and make himself his flat white before he started his shift.”


By Cara Hunter 

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  1. Such a wonderful evening and such a Fantastic amount raised. My niece Rachel Elliott is an amazing young lady for organising this. ❤️

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