Official Information

Charity Status:

The Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust is currently in the registration process to become a registered charitable trust within the Northern Ireland Charity Commission.

The ZGBTST is ran by a subsection of Trustee’s, however the overall decision making powers is held by the ZGBTST official committee who meet every two months as per the Trust’s Constitution. All ZGBTST Trustee members and Committee members are volunteer’s and in occasion trustee’s and committee members may be the same person.


Yasmin Geddis

Terry Geddis

Siobhan Ward

Jamie Murphy

David Black

Rosemary Mailey

Louise Geddis 


Chairperson: Louise Geddis

Vice Chairperson: Cara Dallat

Treasurer: Duane Adams

Secretary: Michelle Leighton

All rights to the Zachary Geddis Trust, his story and his photos are the property of Yasmin Geddis. If you wish to write about him, fundraise for the trust or use any of his photographs please contact Yasmin:

No person/company will be refused usage, the Trust would only like to proof read information.