Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Due to lockdown restrictions we implemented a different method to highlight the importance of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. The theme for #MHAW2020 was kindness.

Our founder, Yasmin Geddis,  interviewed members of the community who  had displayed the theme of kindness towards the trust throughout the last 12 months.

Mayor Sean Bateson

Sean Bateson is the Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens and chose ZGBTST as the 2019/2020 Mayors Charity of the Year.

Join Yasmin where she talks with Sean about all things Mayor related, working from home and acts of kindness.


Talking with Sean Bateson & Yasmin Geddis


Leanne Abernethy

Leanne Abernethy is a Restorative Practitioner and the lead contact for the Bushmills Coronavirus Support Groups.

Join Yasmin as she talks with Leanna about her work in the community, working from home as a Mum, and her ideas behind the Coronavirus Support Groups that was established by local volunteers.


Talking with Leanne Abernethy & Yasmin Geddis


Sean McCarry

Sean McCarry is the Regional Commander for the Community Rescue Service.

Sit down with Yasmin as she chats with Sean about the creation of the CRS, how they saves lives in our community, gaps in mental health services and maintaining positive mental health within volunteers.


Talking with Sean McCarry & Yasmin Geddis

Holly Sterling

Holly Sterling is a Children’s Author and Illustrator.

Join Yasmin as she talks with Holly about her daily multi-tasking schedule, her coping mechanisms for when times get tough and how to make kindness more of a priority in your life.


Talking with Holly Sterling & Yasmin Geddis



Please remember that mental health awareness is only once a year – check in on your loved ones and remember there is always a listening ear here at ZGBTST.