Mission Statement

The Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust aims to bring more awareness to the community of Northern Ireland surrounding the topic of mental health and decrease the stigma surrounding suicide.

Within The Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust we have 6 aims & objectives that we strive towards bringing to the community in order to meet our mission statement. These aims and objectives have altered since the initial development of The Trust to ensure we continue to speak for the needs of the people within Northern Ireland.

Aims and Objectives of The Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust

      1. To establish and demonstrate the need for more accurate and immediate mental health services within Northern Ireland.
      2. To maintain the trust as a permanent legacy of Zachary Geddis.
      3. To promote that ‘Not All Wounds Are Visible”.
      4. To advocate as a voice for those suffering with mental illnesses and bereaved by suicide to achieve the best aftercare available.
      5. To provide crisis intervention 24 hours a day 7 days a week for those in need.
      6. To highlight the importance of mental health awareness through workshops, awareness days and breaking the silence on mental health.



Mental Health Workshops and Awareness Days

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