Around Ireland Cycle for Suicide


Around Ireland Cycle for Suicide is in aid of those who have taken their own lives, those who suffer from mental issues and those who are bereaved by suicide. Terry Geddis aims to cycle around Ireland lighting up towns on his journey to raise fund for the Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust. ZGBTST is established as a permanent legacy of Zachary, who at only 20 years of age, took his own life after a long battle with his mental health.

The ZGTST offers the local community counselling, workshops and drop-in sessions. 100% of the funds raised in aid of ZGBTST are directed back into the community in the form of support.

Back in 2018, Terry cycled 1,400 miles in 12 days in a coast to coast cycle of Ireland in aid of ZGBTST. Over £1,000 was raised for the trust through our GoFundMe page alone. Terry was inspired through his own mental health journey to start the #keepthelightonNI campaign in 2019. In this Cycle for Suicide, Terry cycled 1,200 miles in 11 days. He passed 120 towns in Northern Ireland and gave a member of each community a candle for them to light in memory of those who have fallen victim to suicide. Terry received a nomination for Northern Ireland Superstar Fundraiser of the Year.

Terry Geddis during the #keepthelightonNI campaign.

This year in 2020 Terry aimed to raise £5,000 to support the community by cycling around Ireland during June and July. Below is Terry’s route around Ireland, averaging over 80 miles a day no matter the weather for a total of 12 days. He only stopped for rest days on two occasions.

Around Ireland Cycle for Suicide

Though he has completed cycles before, Terry described his Around Ireland Cycle as being the hardest he had ever done. Terry started each cycling day at 5am and cycled for an average of 8 hours per day. Fatigue set in early, and Terry sometimes had to eat on the bike so he could make his daily objective. The weather was also not on his side, but he cycled on, with winds battering rain into his face. Some mornings he would put on his shoes that were still wet from the day before.

Despite this, Terry enjoyed the nature along his route, observing horses and reindeer and even spotting a weasel. He was also joined by long time friend Adam Mills on Day 11 and someday-son-in-law Duane Adams on his final cycle day. Terry’s aim was to raise £5,000 for ZGBTST but he smashed this target instead raising an amazing total of £5,550 (as of July 14th!) in aid of ZGBTST. Although Terry has decided that this cycle will be his last, he stated that a candle will always burn in his home in memory of those gone too soon, those left behind and those suffering.


Thank you to all his supporters.

Around Ireland Cycle for Suicide 2020 Poster