Zachary Geddis
Zachary Geddis

Zachary Geddis was only 20 years old when he completed the act of suicide on March 18th 2017 in his University accommodation halls whilst attending the University of the Art’s London studying Fashion Illustration. Zachary was the life and the soul of the party, he was adored, loved and admired by many within the community as he was a popular athlete and model. To this day, people still stop the Geddis Family and tell them wonderful stories about Zachary.

 Zachary was the type of person to respect individuality and promote uniqueness as this was how he, and many viewed him to be. Through his short but fulfilling 20 years, he has helped countless people with their own mental health struggles and sexuality. His willingness to accept everyone and offer his hand in time of need has been an inspiration to many.

Unlike others, Zachary was very open about his struggle with mental illness and had been seeking advice and mental health support since the age of 16. It was at this time that the Geddis Family started to see the cracks within the Northern Ireland Mental Health Services. Zachary found it particularly hard to transition from Child to Adult Mental Health Services and was repeatedly let down and discharged from their care.

Unfortunately Zachary lost the battle against his demons, Zachary’s Sister Yasmin made a promise to him that his legacy of kindness, fire and hard work will live through her voice forever. Already, Zachary’s story has touched the hearts of thousands, from all corners of the world. The promotion of the “Not All Wounds Are Visible” and “Keep The Light On” tag lines, have been avidly used since the establishment of The Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust as we believe this is what Zachary represents.

Zachary was popular, beautiful, intelligent and funny  – but even the most confident people can become victims.

Yasmin Geddis founded ZGBTST with the aim of changing the Mental Health System forever, highlighting the importance of looking after your mind and bringing more well needed attention to the area of Mental Illness. To be a voice for those who have been silenced and to fight for those who can no longer fight.

Zachary's Last Message to Yasmin
Zachary’s Last Message to Yasmin