Welcome to the Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust (ZGBTST)


‘The Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust aims to bring more awareness to the community of Northern Ireland surrounding the topic of Mental Health and decrease the stigma surrounding Suicide.’

-Established in October 2017-

Dedicated to being the on-going voice of Zachary Geddis, who suffered with mental health issues from the age of 16. We aim to be the voice of those suffering in silence and to help those who believe they can no longer be helped.

We are a voluntary ran organisation, developed by the Geddis Family (Terry, Louise & Yasmin) to assist those in need across Northern Ireland and futher afield. Since establishment in 2017, we have become one of NI’s most respected and well-known grassroot charities.

The Geddis Family
The Geddis Family

Working closley with our local community has helped us grow as a charity that people trust, turn too and promote as our journey to our end goal continues. We provide everyone with 24 hour crisis support and document our own mental health journey’s on The Original Superstar Blog. 

If you would like to follow our progress and keep up to date with all of the events, work and lobbying of ZGBTST you can follow our Facebook Page

In the words of Zachary Geddis: ‘You are all Superstars’

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On Thursday 9th January, Yasmin travelled to London to pitch to the Head of Caffè Nero and their trustees to be made the charity of 2020/2021 for their infamous Make a Difference Campaign.

Adam nominated ZGBTST and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity he gave us but also for the friendship we have now gained.

Adam vlogged the experience and explained more about why he nominated us and the pitching process.

We find out who won the pitch in March but until then you can watch his video below 💜


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We have been working hard behind the scenes at the ZGBTST to be able to bring a new counselling service to Coleraine to assist anyone in immediate need.

The waiting times between GP referrals and professional counselling can now be filled with our non referral counselling services located in Hidden Treasures in Coleraine.

We made sure to work towards a unique system where all counselling was made available free of charge to the user and to ZGBTST so the communities donations are not used in this venture. We continue to put back 100% of our funds into the community to help improve mental health education, knowledge and services in not only our community but further afield.

This has been a personal goal of mine since the beginning of ZGBTST as I, as a bereaved sister, struggled to receive counselling from the NHS as I was deemed less important than my mother and father in dealing with the loss of Zachary and ended up paying for a professional service to take me on.

Fortunately, many doors have opened in 2020 to allow ZGBTST to grow bigger and learn more in what is needed and how to provide it.

Thank you to the counsellors we have on board and I hope through this venture, more people will find it easier to receive much needed help.

🦋 Happy Sunday 🦋
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Friday was an amazing day! We had our launch day for Hidden Treasures and our ZGBTST Workshop located at 28 Long Commons Coleraine. Helen Thompson, devotes to giving back to the community asked us to come on board and provided us with an amazing space in her one of a kind thrift store in the heart of Coleraine.

Within this space the trust is now proud to provide a unique space for:

🌱 1-2-1 Mental Health Mentoring
🌱 Bereaved by suicide weekly meetings
🌱 Mothers Mornings
🌱 Free of charge, non referal professional counselling service
🌱 Drop in Centre
🌱 Craft Workshops

We are very excited to have this new venture and personally i am so proud of my Mum Louise for taking the reigns on this project and creating a beautiful, calming space for all our users.

Thank you to Helen Thompson for believing in our work towards the community and to everyone who attended the opening of Hidden Treasures on Friday ☺️💓
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4 days ago

Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust

Yasmin is looking forward to facilitating a talk this evening in Portrush.

If you are interested in learning more about supporting family and friends with mental health issues please come along tonight at 7 and benefit from this workshop 🔥

The most common message I receive is for this advice, most people believe they will never need it but at some point they will.
I answer the same questions everyday about how to support someone - workshops like these are put on for the community to enable them to gain knowledge and practical tips surrounding all elements of mental health.Mental Health Talk this evening, Portrush...

Reminder - the CRS are hosting a series of Mental Health and Wellbeing Talks in Portrush over the next 5 weeks.

Tonight’s talk is on the subject ‘Families and friends of those with mental health issues’.

These talks are free, being held in Portrush Masonic Hall (Dunluce Ave.) commencing at 7pm. Come along and bring a friend.

The Community Rescue Service - helping keep our communities safe.
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