Welcome to the Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust (ZGBTST)






‘The ZGBTST aims to bring more awareness to the community of Northern Ireland surrounding the topic of Mental Health and decrease the stigma surrounding Suicide.’





-Established in October 2017-

Dedicated to being the on-going voice of Zachary Geddis, who suffered with mental health issues from the age of 16, to be the voice of those suffering in silence, to help those who believe they can no longer be helped.

In the words of Zachary Geddis: ‘You are all Superstars’

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* Volunteers Required *

We are looking for anyone who has a couple of hours to spare on Saturday 1st June to come and help us raise some funds for ZGBTST!

All it takes is 1 hour to make a difference, spread the word and promote our cause!

Please comment below or PM the page if you are available 🙂
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* Read Until The End *

Sometimes ‘strong’ people need help too. We all have that one friend in the group, in your family circle who always seems to keep it together, and never lets the little things slow them down.

They seldom share their emotions and know what to say when you ask for advice. But sometimes being this person has its downfalls.

Contrary to popular belief, people who have learned to be strong, usually have become that way because they had no other choice. They are hardened by the events and obstacles that their life has given them.

Sometimes it happens when you are looking around for someone to stand up for you when you are being put down and no one is there. You learn that there comes a point where you must be your own hero. The one who saves the day, and stops letting people walk all over you.

You put the people you care about first because you know what it is like to feel helpless and you never want anyone else to feel that way. When you push your feelings away it is harder to open up to new people in the fear that they may hurt you, so you keep your guard up.

Sometimes people forget that you need help too. It is never intentional, and often overseen because when you are someone’s rock they can’t see that you have cracks too.

Having emotions does not make you weak. Asking for help does not make you weak. Needing support, or telling someone when you are not ok, does not make you weak.

Asking for help, sharing your feelings and learning from them, letting people in and letting them see who you are makes you strong. Strength doesn’t come from being strong all the time.

2 weeks ago, for the first time in 27 months I asked for help.

And that’s ok.
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** NWRC Art Bursary 2019 **

With over 3 times as many applicants this year, we are proud to announce we have chosen this years recipient of the ZGBTST Art Bursary Award!

Every year the Trust donates financial assistance to a student within their Foundation Year who displays talent, diversity and inspiration!

This year was no exception and we are looking forward to attending the Art and Design Exhibition at NWRC next Wednesday to present the winner with their £1000 cheque along with 2 runners up with £100 worth of vouchers each!

💙 #zgbtstvNWRC
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Thanks to Samantha Taggart from Coleraine FC for raising £300.00 in a raffle for the Irish Cup Final Coleraine FC too kindly donated by Siobhan Ward!

A big thank you to Mark Kelly for organising the raffle of the shirt - we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s help!

Pictured is Samantha Taggart from Coleraine FC and Terry Geddis from ZGBTST!
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