Welcome to the Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust (ZGBTST)






‘The ZGBTST aims to bring more awareness to the community of Northern Ireland surrounding the topic of Mental Health and decrease the stigma surrounding Suicide.’





-Established in October 2017-

Dedicated to being the on-going voice of Zachary Geddis, who suffered with mental health issues from the age of 16, to be the voice of those suffering in silence, to help those who believe they can no longer be helped.

In the words of Zachary Geddis: ‘You are all Superstars’

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Yasmin Z Geddis is delighted to be asked to be apart of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops in collaboration with the Community Rescue Service Central over the next month!

These workshops are free and are suitable for everyone wishing to widen their knowledge on Mental Health and Wellbeing. 🤗

Everyone is welcome and she is looking forward to conducting her first full workshop within the NI Community 🦋
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Today, one year ago, Terry finished his first journey on the Bike in aid of ZGBTST.

The difference was,
- It was longer, 1400 miles in 13 days
- He had friends join him for 2 days at a time and it was around the coast to coast of Ireland.
- There was no candles
- The weight of the bike was less
- Terrys Mental Health itself had yet to crash

We thought, this time last year, Terry had completed a mammoth journey, it was not until Friday that we truly realised what he had achieved for the community of Northern Ireland during this years 11 day, 1200 mile journey.

Terrys bike on some mornings weighed an extreme amount and was physically hard to manover on the roads, this is because he was carrying the candles which were to be placed in each town.

Terry, after suffering from a mental breakdown and being admitted into the Ross Thompson, came up with the idea of lighting up Northern Ireland whilst in the unit. It was then he felt he could do more for the community. Make a cycle mean something - make it harder so that not everyone could do what he could do.

In 2019 - Terry made a cycle, touch the hearts of thousands. He made it not about himself, but about the community. In 2018 - no one welcomed him home except his family.
In 2019 - the whole of Northern Ireland wished for his safe return, followed his journey and people lined towns to greet him, cried when they met him and the streets of Coleraine were lit up to bring him home.

The Cycle for Suicide was for everyone - the Cycle for Suicide achieved something that was never done before. The Cycle for Suicide made a difference.
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Yasmin has been invited by the Community Rescue Service to deliver a series of talks to the the people of Northern Ireland on Mental Health and Wellbeing on various different dates coming up!

All the workshops are free of charge and well worth attending by anyone who suffers with mental illness or simply wants to learn more about the Community Rescue Service or Mental Health and Wellbeing!

Other dates:

🕯Ballykelly Men’s Shed🕯

🔥16th July - Mental Health Workshop
🔥6th August - Wellbeing Workshop

🕯Dervock Community Centre🕯

🔥18th July - Introduction To The Community Rescue Service
🔥23rd July - Mental Health Workshop
🔥30th July - Wellbeing Workshop
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Thank you Cleary Contracting Ltd for your donation to The Cycle for Suicide 2019

All donations are greatly appreciated and directly inputted back into the NI Community in raising more mental health awareness!

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